• Denis Buslaev

Back to having fun

So April wasn't a fun month at all. I've been mostly preparing Cards of Terra for a "soft launch" in RU App Store, and things didn't go right for various (often obscure) reasons on a daily basis. Most of those problems were solved, or some workarounds were found, but I noticed that they fueled my procrastination. You see, when you are trying to build the damn thing for the 10th time this day you are not allowed to do fun work instead (i.e. designing or implementing new cards). But, apparently, it might be ok to watch some League of Legends esports or even play the said game.

I'm glad that this period is over (and LoL successfully uninstalled for XXth time). Cards of Terra is available in Russia's App Store, and I'm finally allowed to have fun again. I've already pushed two updates. One with completely unnecessary rework to wolves logic, and the second one with a new Boss. And it feels good being able to work on new content again.

What doesn't feel good is my inability to make Apple Search Ads work and attract users for us to test on and get some genuine feedback. I know, this whole "release in App Store only" thing was a speculative move from the start, but I hoped that User Acquisition would go better than it does right now. Currently, we are not really collecting any data and just sit in the store where nobody can find us, even with some paid advertisement help.

Other than that, things are looking good. Factorees with the latest changes started to work marvelously (or have I accepted the game for what it is?). It's time to make a phone build and start carrying it around and annoy people with it. New content for Cards of Terra looks very promising, and it almost time to make plans for a PC version and figure out how to transition into that.

All in all, I still have no idea if this going to work from a financial standpoint, but at least I have something interesting to do for at least another year.