• Denis Buslaev

Cards of Terra release

On August 11th we have released Cards of Terra worldwide on iOS and Android. There was no marketing support and besides some love from TouchArcade users, it didn't make a splash. On a positive note, there were no major bugs discovered and the player's reception was generally good.

One week later we'd been featured by App Store hitting New Games We Love and/or getting a banner in Games depending on the country. The featuring is still on and leads to us getting a ton of impressions and around 2k installs daily. It will be interesting to see if we'll get any more love from Apple later down the line by getting a placement in the Card category or mentions in the daily posts (classic games reimagined or smth like that). Regardless, I'm already grateful for getting this initial feature, which I hope will kickstart the game into getting organic downloads. There are not that many good single-player card games in the mobile stores and I believe our target audience is active enough to pick us up from suggested apps when browsing.

Meanwhile, I've already finished the most demanding code part for the Puzzle mode, which allows players to select targets for creatures like Elf Archer. It also gives players the ability to select landings for fairies, which feels like a legit superpower.

(insert gif after some polish)

Unfortunately, Factorees went on halt after the programmer I've been working with has bailed out. I don't have the strength to look for a new one, neither start writing it myself. I guess we'll have to finish Puzzle-update for Cards of Terra, before switching focus to the new project.