• Denis Buslaev

Factorees' new look and the sad reality

Factorees finally got to a state where all the design problems got resolved and it's clear what game it should be. To get here we had to change the theme of the game. Now all the production happens only to feed a hungry monster who has become a main character of the game.

This change helps to define a clear goal, and the monster's tendency to eat whatever helps to solve several design problems (such as board overflooding with wrong ingredients and stalemates).

From here I can see a clear path to the release in, say, 3 months but that's only the production side of things. Given that I live in Russia, there is little hope for getting any love from App store editors this time. On the same note I haven't been able to receive any funds from Apple/Google/Unity since the war in Ukraine started. Things are tough for a small indie like myself, and the prospects aren't getting any brighter.

That's a big reason why I wasn't very productive over the past few months. On top of that we'll be moving to Moscow in a few weeks, and with a family of 5, it comes with many hurdles along the way.

For Cards of Terra I have plans for the very last update, but without Eugeniy (who has left the project back in March) it's hard to push myself through all the hoops once more, given that it won't make much of a difference, if any.

So, all in all, with the war going on and the current geopolitical situation it's safe to say that the "indie dream" scenario is no longer valid, and I'll have to figure something out in the next few months. Maybe that would be as simple as getting a job, but I want to finish Factorees before that at least.