• Denis Buslaev

First Quarter 2021

All-in-all it was an ok period. Things were moving slowly and felt samey. If not for kids growing up I wouldn't even notice many changes.

1. Big Indie pitch.

In February we've participated in Big Indie Pitch: Mobile with Cards of Terra and managed to get second place. As a result of that pocketgamer published an interview with me here. Overall, that was a great experience for me personally as it had pushed me out of my comfort zone and had granted a much-needed boost in confidence.

2. Programmer for Factorees

Same February I embarked on a quest to find a programmer to work with on Factorees. After a couple of rather frustrating weeks and interviews that hadn't shown much promise, Aleksei reached out and we've been establishing mutual trust while working on rewriting Factorees prototype (with additional features) for several weeks now. So far, both the prototype and our relationship, look very promising.

3. Covid

Cumulatively Covid took about one month of our collective time. I had it in January, Alexey in March. Alex also was sick for some time although we don't know if it was COVID. Anyway, being sick sucks, and limited social interactions made this winter even less bearable.

4. Cards of Terra

We plan to soft-launch Cards of Terra in April (CIS-region, iOS). There is a big question of how to get initial traffic and after deep dive into marketing and technical aspects of mobile attribution and all that I don't think I can stomach it anymore. Thus, we are most likely to buy users directly from Apple using Apple Search Words. I doubt that would be very efficient, but we only need a limited number of users and don't have far going advertising plans thus it's harder to justify adding additional SDK's, permissions, etc.

5. Match-X (New game)

This one doesn't really have a name and it's hard to describe, but I mention it just to set up a milestone, cause I'm pretty sure that in a few years it might still be alive (or, even better, being developed).

The idea is to have a very small grid (4x4 max if square or 4-wide if hex) where tiles from a deck are placed (either by a player or sequentially idle-style) and those tiles trigger effects every time they placed. But if tile placement creates a LINE with the tiles of the same type you get an extended effect out of it. It works fantastic on paper so far, although there are so many ways to shape this mechanic so it's still unclear what this game actually is.